Making Progress


Under the best circumstances, adding funds to your household can be a challenge but if you do a fearless self-inventory, you’ll find talents that can be nurtured with vision and dedication to bring forth a second, third or fourth revenue stream. You no doubt have friends to encourage you, help “get out the word” on what you have to offer, and clients who can say how great it is working for them.

Though she is 6,140 miles away from us in the U.S.A., it’s just the same with Atawa, pictured here sewing on the machine sent by donor Paul Knoblauch. “Now I can make a living,” by sewing dresses, aprons and the like, and selling them to Ghanaians who are intrigued by the American sewing machine or just in search of a new outfit.

Watch Atawa sewing in Christine’s video on Facebook.

Note that Paul sent the “Butterfly” Sewing Machine. We think you’ll find this short video about her machine to be an interesting study in quality consciousness.

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