Seed, Time and Harvest!

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“Our African farm is on its third harvest!”

That’s the good report we received from leader Adam Sibiri Majeed. From humble but diligent beginnings, and the generosity of our donors, the three-acre spread of virgin farmland was cleared, fenced, trenched, seeded, and is now being (temporarily) hydrated by a reservoir that collects rain water.

This is truly a wonderful time of harvest. From the gifts you’ve poured in, food and life are pouring out, pressed down and overflowing! As we look to the horizon, we know the rain will stop and the relentless dry season will cause all to wither and die–without a borehole (well).

But for now, for this moment, we rejoice in the first season of plenty. Thank you for your support.

Giving in Review

To create other lines of revenue for our families, donors bought chickens, helped pay for a shelter, invested in a start-up barber shop and a budding seamstress; and the most recent gift: an industrial tricycle transport to move harvest and 10 Ghanaian Grandmas from farm-to-market so they can start selling their veggies! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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