We officially launched our GoFundMe campaign mid-day on February 23, 2017. Our goal is to raise $20,000 for the first phase of projects that will get a sustainable farm up and running.

Project Background

The Damongo Stone Soup Attributo project has been started to eliminate hunger, and its root cause: poverty, by providing a sustainable source of income for 10 women and their families living in rural Damongo (the small town and capital of West Gonja district in the Northern Region of north Ghana in West Africa).

We purchased a 3-acre plot of land roughly 3 miles from where the 10 families live. This land will be fenced in and contain: a bore hole (well), planting beds, chicken coops, and buildings for storage and maintenance.The farm will support and produce livestock and vegetables – creating quality nutrition for families to share with each other, and surplus to be sold for income at the market.

Water from the well will irrigate the farm but also provide fresh water for family hygiene and hydration. Water is in short supply in the dry season, but fresh running water is completely unavailable. Though water is scarce sun is plentiful so solar panels will provide power for the farm.

(In time, we believe this project can be replicated to help other families and build up the vitality of the region.)