family-majeed-img_9711Hello. My name is Adam Sibiri Majeed (pictured far right). I am a professor in Damongo, Ghana. You may not know much about my country or my people. Our cultures and traditions may differ some but like you, we are committed to family, honesty, loyalty and dignity. We are also committed to moving towards sustainability. We are ready to chart a new path and future for our families.

In my career, I’ve learned that giving people charity without expecting them to be accountable for maintenance is a formula for disaster. The most well-intentioned gifts fail to be fruitful if people cannot find a way to maintain the resource. On the other side of the ledger, though, if you make something affordable, accessible and understandable, committed people can make it sustainable. The women in our project will make money selling their vegetables and will be able to pay a small fee for the water that makes it all possible. We believe this exchange will pay dividends in earned respect for the women in our project and more importantly start the process of breaking the cycle of poverty that is strangling a noble and proud community.